Best BMX Bikes for Street Riding Review

A lot of people use bikes as a means of transportation or exercise. Over the years, people have grown to love using bikes for extreme sports, hence, the birth of street riding. If you are looking forward to venturing out into this kind of riding style, you will need a BMX bike that is perfect for you. Since obstacles usually involve banks, ledges, stairs, handrails, curved walls and more, a regular bike may not let you execute the movements properly. So to give you the best experience for your street riding, here are a couple of reliable reviews on the best BMX bikes for street riding that you can read on.

Best BMX Bikes for Street Riding Review

Gravity Area 51 Aluminum BMX Bike 26 inch Wheels

If you are looking for a BMX bike that you can ride for leisure, exercise, work and competition, the Gravity Area 51 Aluminum BMX Bike 26 inch wheels is perfect for you. This features components that were well-researched and tested for competitions. It comes with a strong lightweight aluminum frame that is durable and sturdy.

This model can also accommodate riders with heights that are ranging from 4’8” to 6’3”. With this capacity to contain almost all types of riders, you can still count that this is lightweight. A few assets of this model would be its aluminum rear dropouts and gusset on its frame. Its rear V brakes and caliper systems are also powerful and impact resistant.

You can enjoy riding smoothly at different speeds and terrains. Its custom 3-piece cranks, fast rolling 26 inch wheels and rear direct pull brakes will let you perform tricks and stunts in alleys, slaloms and parking lots efficiently and without hurdle. This model is easy to put together, however, it will need constant checking and tightening to prevent breaks and ripping off of parts.


·       Assembly is easy

·       Allows growing into bike, can accommodate huge range of different height values

·       Solid and lightweight

·       Can tolerate abuse and high-impact traumas


·       Maintenance needed, tightening vital

Guardian Kids Bikes Ethos

The Guardian Kids Bikes Ethos is created carefully and is geared to providing safety and security to the rider. It features custom geometry to position the rider closer to the ground while facilitating excellent stability. It also comes with a lightweight design to allow the rider to have better control and easier time riding.

This is commended for its professional setup which is inclusive of a 34 point safety check to ensure quality and safety. It also sports a SureStop Technology evident in its one brake lever for easier controlling and responsive brake system. This allows stops to happen 44% faster than other models so you can expect better control at all times.

As for its aesthetics, it has eye candy decals that are highly visible and cool to look at. Its design is handpicked by kids at local elementary schools. Its frame and build comes with a 30-day trial and a lifetime service. Assembly can also be done in a breeze, a few putting together and you are ready to ride in 10-15 minutes.


·       Low center of gravity, high safety

·       Lightweight and allows excellent control

·       Cool and unique handpicked decals and design

·       Offers 44% faster stopping power than other models

·       30-day trial and lifetime frame

·       Easy assembly process


·       Shifting gears can be a bit difficult

Hoffman Bikes Seeker – Seeker Series

Tired of getting the wrong BMX bike for your adventures? The Hoffman Bikes Seeker-Seeker Series is worth checking out. Featuring modern qualities of an entry-level bike, its frame comes with a 20.5” toptube, an integrated headtube and a mid-size bottom bracket. This mid-range entry-level bike delivers seamless navigation in the streets, parks and other terrains.

This is commendable in terms of its parts because most are made with premium grade material. You will find its DT gusset and in-built seat clamp as sturdy as the 36 spoke alloy wheels with big front and rear tires and a 9T cassette hub. Its drivetrain does not disappoint too because of its splined chromoly crankset, sealed BB, 25T sprocket and PC pedals.

As for comfort and body alignment, you will not have to worry about it because of its lightweight Hoffman Conjoined seat combo and Hoffman Razz Grips.


·       Modern and sleek-looking aesthetics

·       Good for professional use

·       Lightweight and comfortable to ride

·       Rides well in different terrains


·       Not too ideal for first-time learners

Kent Pro 20 Boy’s Freestyle Bike 20-Inch

If you are after executing jumps, hops and other freestyle movements, you can trust that the Kent Pro 20 Boy’s Freestyle Bike 20-inch can do the work for you. This is equipped with a build that can take abuse and high-impact hits and runs. Anyone aged 10 years old and up can have a grand time riding this model.

Its build comprises alloy rims, alloy CNC style stem, alloy brakes-caliper front and linear pull rear, and a micro drive with a 360 degrees rotor. The brakes are to be trusted too, its front and rear hand brakes have very crisp and accurate stopping power too.

This comes with instructions that are understandable and easy to follow. The only possible drawback would be that the brakes need a bit of adjustment to function properly so make sure to have a check before giving it a go.


·       Good in taking abuse and impactful hits

·       Sturdy and comfortable

·       Easy assembly

·       Reliable braking system


·       Brakes need adjustment before use


Regular bikes can function properly; however, it will not give you optimal results if you plan to use it on obstacles. As you level up your tricks and movements, you will see the need for parts that are specifically designed to deliver the performance you need. Thus, getting the right BMX bike for street riding is essential. Check out the following BMX bike models for street riding enumerated above. Those are the units that made it to the top of the list so you can be sure that you only get the best among others.